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  • Superior earning potential

    Earn commissions from new, verified companies who purchase even a single report. Job seeker commissions are earned for every first-time report run.

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    FCRA-compliant, NAPBS accredited and used by over 18,000 employers, GoodHire won’t let your customers down. We’re a recommendation that your clients will value.

  • Capture under-monetized business

    Employers of any size can use GoodHire. If you’re dealing with companies too small to monetize with your own services, why not earn a commission sending them to GoodHire?

  • Commitment to conversion

    Monitor earnings with a real-time tracking dashboard to keep optimizing over time. We’ll run tests, improve merchandising and checkout for higher monetization as our partnership evolves.

Wondering how job seekers are monetized?

True Me lets job seekers run their own background report. They can stand out from the crowd by sharing it with potential employers and fixing errors before they even start their job search.

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Establish yourself as an industry expert by sharing your knowledge on the GoodHire platform.
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Get direct access to employment screening from within your application. Simplify your in-house operations with integrated employment background checks. The GoodHire API supports employers of various sizes and their custom needs.

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